Notre Dame Cathedral & Seine River, Paris

Hands up those who said “Paris”.

Yes, after two long boring flights, we finally arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport at just after 6AM.  By 9AM we had a local SIM card for my phone (but the data bit isn’t working, so have to get that sorted) and a 7-day NavigoPass for transport around Paris, and were sitting in a cafe at Place St Michel just across the river from here having a Parisian breakfast.  Finally got into our studio apartment at about 1:30PM, crashed for a couple of hours, then had a shower and went SSSLLLOOOWWW walking around the St Germain area where we’re staying.  In my “moon boot” – I broke a bone in my left foot three days before we left – it took us about 20 minutes to do the 5-minute walk to this spot.  Such is life!  We found this apartment so we could walk almost everywhere in central Paris; now we’re looking at hop-on hop-off buses to get us around.

More before we leave here to join our friends Heather and Ian on a barge in the Bourgogne region next Sunday.