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Tomorrow we head off to join our friends Heather and Ian on a barge in the Bourgogne region; today is our last day in Paris (for now). While Carmel got us back to good at the laundrette – helped by a lovely African-Parisian local – I did a recce trip to Gare de Lyon for tomorrow’s departure, and got our tickets. Really easy – the French transport system is (so far) excellent!
Later, we went for a drink with Florence, who helped us out when we first arrived and had a few problems getting into our rented apartment. She suggested “Le Deux Magots” cafe, beside the oldest church in Paris, St Germain-de-Pres; lovely, busy, and very nice!
But you can’t let a day go by without some touristing. Onto a bus to Place de la Bastille, then a stroll back home via Place de Vosges and through the Marais district. Here’s a couple of pictures …

July Column, Place de la Bastille

The July Column, 52m high and crowned by the figure of Liberty, in the Place de la Bastille stands in memory of Parisians killed in July 1830 and 1848.

Place de Vosges

The oldest square in Paris, and the first true square – it is 140m on each side – in Europe, is surrounded by former royal palaces and buildings built to a common design.