Today was a tourist day in Auxerre, and Carmel and I followed the Cadet Roussel trail through the old portion of the city. We took a break to meet Nigel, the barge owner who came to fix the bow thrusters, and show us some details deep in the bowels of the engine-room; we then all went to lunch at Restaurant Saigon – a bit of a slog uphill for Skipper Ian – where we enjoyed a beautiful Vietnamese menu. Nigel took us shopping for essential supplies (beer and wine – 4 people, x 4 weeks) in his car – much easier than toting them by foot. Late afternoon we resumed the Cadet Roussel trail, and finished the day with drinks on deck beside the quayside cafe-bars.

Here’s a few pictures from the day …

Auxerre old houses

Old houses in Auxerre

St Nicholas - patron saint of bargemen

This polychrome wood statue of St. Nicolas, patron saint of bargemen, adorns the wall of a hostelry in Place Saint-Nicolas.

St Germain Cathedral IMG_2352