This evening finds us in Venarey-les-Laumes, at the bottom of a lot of closely-spaced locks which will lead us, in a couple of days time, to Poully-en-Auxois, and the entrance to a 3.3km long tunnel to the downward side of the Canal de Bourgogne where we will descend to Dijon.

It’s been a few days since my last post, and we’ve come a little way – but a long way in barge-travel terms – since Tanlay. Here’s a few pictures from along the way, and there’s even a few birds in amongst them …

Old Hospital - Tonnerre

“Vieil Hopital” (Old Hospital) in Tonnerre, founded in 1293 by Margaret of Burgundy. This is the immense “salle de malades” (sick room), with a panelled barrel vaulted ceiling.

Country village

Yet another small country village we passed by on our trip up the Canal de Bourgogne.

Grey Heron

A Grey Heron takes off as we approach.


Swallows perched on a power line beside a lock. There are also lots of House Martins, and a fair number of Swifts.

Black Kite

Black Kite – these are common above the fields along the Canal de Bourgogne.

Chateau Ancy-le Franc

Chateau Ancy-le Franc – another 16th-century renaissance castle, but much more impressive than Chateau Tanlay a few days ago.

Chateau Ancy-le Franc interior

The dining room of the Chateau Ancy-le-Franc. I forgot to read the bit on the ticket that said no photographs inside!

The folly at Chateau Ancy-le-Franc

The folly at Chateau Ancy-le-Franc – built in English style, on an island in a man-made lake in the castle’s estate.

Chateau park artwork

The park of the Chateau Ancy-le-Franc contains lots of artworks and sculptures, some old, some new.


Wheatfield – source of flour for the French baguettes, and other breads – de rigeur in France!

Ravieres town square

The town square at Ravieres – Friday evenng, and everyone was at the communal gathering in the place beside the community hall!

Ravieres community gathering

After a lovely dinner at a local restaurant, we wandered through the town on the way back to the barge, and came across this community gathering – food, music, and lots of kids playing.

Ravieres wall

An old brick wall, with flat stone capping, in Ravieres.

Ravieres house

This house in Ravieres needs constant hedge-trimming to keep it looking its best!