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Yesterday we got to Pouilley, at the top of the Canal de Bourgogne. We did the section from Pont-Royal to here in one go, with no stop for lunch; there was a hotel barge “Elisabeth” following us, and the eclusiers needed to keep it on schedule, so they didn’t stop for lunch.

Here’s a couple of shots along the way, and some taken here yesterday evening, in lovely soft light …

Territorial white Swan, near Pouilley-en-Auxois

This White Swan, near Pouilley-en-Auxois, was very territorial, swimming towards us with its wings extended to look large and fierce.

Eclusier on motor-scooter

Eclusiers would usually work more than one lock; they would travel between them in small vans, on motorbikes, or (as here) on motor-scooters. This man brought us through the last five locks into Pouilley-en-Auxois.

Canal towpath in the evening

The towpath beside the Canal de Bourgogne at Pouilley, in the evening light. The top sign says (in essence) “Only authorised vehicles and cyclists”.

Clouds at Pouilley

Clouds at Pouilley, in the evening. The next day was fine, but cloudy and cool.

Pouilley-en-Auxois Port

The port area at Pouilley-en-Auxois.

Dijon Cereals building, Pouilley

No, it’s not an ultra-modern church! It’s (part of) the Dijon Cerials depot at Pouilley.

House at Pouilley-en-Auxois

A house across the street from our mooring spot at Pouilly-en-Auxois, in the evening light.

Tomorrow morning, we have a 9AM booking for our trip through the tunnel which joins the two top sections of the Canal de Bourgogne. Here’s a sample of what awaits us …

Boat entering tunnel

A boat entering the Pouilley tunnel on the Canal de Bourgogne.

Tunnel entrance

The tunnel entrance at Pouilley; we’ll be coming in here at 9AM tomorrow. The tunnel is 6m wide, and runs dead straight for 3.3km; it should take us less than an hour to get through, and then we start our descent to Dijon, through the L’Oche valley, which we hear is pretty nice!