We got to Dijon on Friday 26 June, and on Saturday did a crew swap with the next couple to join barge “Waterman”; they got to move into our cabin, and we took over their room at a very nice hotel! We then spent several days getting to know Dijon. Here’s a few of the sites we found …

Maille Mustard Shop, Dijon

Dijon’s most famous mustard business. Don’t leave here without some!

Place de la Republique, Dijon

The fountain in the centre of Place de la Republique, Dijon – on a very hot Sunday, with no-one around.

The market hall at Dijon

The market hall at Dijon.

Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne

The Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne, from the Place de la Liberation. It’s somewhat larger than this, but you can’t get a picture that shows it all. Most of it is not open to the public, but some sections are: the Tourist Office is located in part of this building, under the Tower of Phillipe Le Bon (centre), and the wonderful Musée des Beaux Arts is in the section to the right of this picture.

Street musician at Notre Dame, Dijon.

A street musician outside Notre Dame cathedral.

Alternatiba Dijon

Jardin Darcy, in the centre of Dijon, was the site of a festival organised by Alternatiba, a collective promoting environmental awareness.

More to come, when I get time to do some more picture sorting! There’s too much to do!