Last Saturday, the BirdLife Melbourne Photography Group outing was to the Kamarooka area of the Greater Bendigo National Park. Several of us stayed overnight on Friday and Saturday, rather than doing lots of driving on the day. Sad to report, Kamarooka was very quiet bird-wise – but it was a nice day to wander around in the bush. No pictures worth showing from that day, but on Sunday morning we went for a walk around Number 7 Dam and Crusoe Reservoir, on the outskirts of Bendigo; I did manage to get a few “keeper” bird shots then.

White-faced Heron

Best of the day – a White-faced Heron with a snack!

The walking track around Crusoe Reservoir is about 3.3km; it is well-supplied with seats for the weary – or those wishing to just sit back and enjoy the sunshine. This one was at about the half-way point.
"You've made it this far"

I like the message!

And there’s other unusual signs too!
Beware Of Pedestrians

Why? Do they bite?