Getting a bit behind with this!!!. As I write, we are in Vienna, our third country today – Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. But no pictures from them yet – too busy cruising! We left Budapest on Thursday afternoon, and are now in Vienna; had a “cultural enriching experience” tonight, but more about that later. For now, here’s a few things from our last days in Budapest.

Buda Castle Gardens

Looking down from the Buda Castle, across a zig-zag wall, to the columnaded castle gardens. The closest bridge is the Elizabeth Bridge (English translation – it’s much trickier in Hungarian!); the next bridge is closed to all except pedestrain traffic at present; it gets you to the Central Market – a great place to visit!

Cars, and other vehicles, are not allowed in the Buda Castle area - except for some!  Here's a beautiful Lauda 1500; no doubt someone's pride and joy!

Cars, and other vehicles, are not allowed in the Buda Castle area – except for some! Here’s a beautiful Lauda 1500; no doubt someone’s pride and joy!

Jamie's Bar

Did you know – Jamie Oliver has a restaurant in Budapest? We didn’t actually eat here (wrong time when we found it, full later at dinnertime), but we did enjoy a beer here.

Buda Castle at night

We boarded our river cruise ship on Wednesday afternoon, and although we didn’t leave Budapest until Thursday evening, they took us for a night cruise along the river. Sorry for the rotten picture quality – I haven’t got night photography mastered yet!

Vision Impaired School Windows

We were taken to a piano recital by a Hungarian music professor who excelled at Franz Listz’s most difficult technical works. No pictures of the piano/pianist – but the recital was in a salon in the School for Impaired Vision students, and the stained-glass windows were very interesting – note particularly the children in the two left panels.