So today it’s back to “…berg.”  This one is Freudenberg – whatever that means.  Another small Bavarian town on the Main, with signs on almost every building telling about the local history – seems they value the tourist trade.  And although we’re a long way from Munich, and it’s only July, we got our own local version of “Octoberfest”, with beer sausage, strudel, and local music.

Our river cruise boat, "Scenic Jewel", moored at Freudenberg Am Main.

Our river cruise boat, “Scenic Jewel”, moored at Freudenberg Am Main.

Freudenberg Rathausplatz

The English section of the sign for the Rathausplatz – isn’t “Rathaus” a lovely word for the Town Hall – reads as follows:
Town Hall Square – The listed town centre.
Count Asmus zu Wertheim had the town hall built for the town assembly and administration. Proud stands the timber-frame building made of sandstone, wood and clay. Over many years the dividers were covered by plaster, for fire protection. Part of the building was once used for the school. To this day, now carefully renovated and award winning, it has always been the seat of the town administration. The area is clearly elevated. Forming a small square, town hall and deanery were the centre of power in town. Decrees and news were called out here. From the town hall the bell rang to remind drinkers of the curfew. In the deanery the bailiff took office as the count’s representative. A vast cellar lies beneath the Baroque building where the tithe wine was kept. High up under the grand roof grain and oats were store. Later this was space for the forest administration and flats. Today, the stately edifice holds a gallery, two small museums and a restaurant for culinary delights. Below the heavy sandstone wall by the statue of Our Lady is where market was once held. Difficult to imagine with today’s traffic. Between town hall and deanery a path leads up to the castle. Many steep steps and a beautiful view. The church is next door, state and church close together. Little has changed here.

An interesting artwork on the bridge over the Main river at Freudenberg.

An interesting artwork on the bridge over the Main river at Freudenberg.

Octoberfest shoe-slapping dance

Octoberfest audience participation: show host Michael teaches Geoff and Neil how to do the “shoe-slapping dance”. [Sorry for poor image quality – frame from mobile phone video clip!]