Today we arrived at Cologne, our last stop in Germany. Carmel chose to do the walking tour of Cologne, while I opted for a trip to the Neandertal Museum at Mettmann in the Neandertal Valley, close to the spot where the famous fossil remains of an early homonid were found in 1860. This modern museum, established in 1996, is built as a spiral ramp; the exhibition is a broad treatment of human evolution. Well worth a visit!

Neandertal Museum

The Neandertal Museum. It is officially closed on Mondays, but our tour group was allowed to enter; an excellent way to avoid the usual museum crowds! As for “Duckomenta”, that was a small separate exhibition, interspersed with the “real” stuff; Google it if you want to find out more.

Neandertal Man fossil bones

The fossil bones of “Neandertal Man”, found in 1856, and dated to approximately 40,000 years ago. Three additional fragments were recently found, which fit with the original pieces.

"The Origin of Species" German first edition

German first edition (1860) of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”.

Neandertal Man

This reconstruction of a Neandertal man, dressed in modern clothes and holding a mobile phone, stands leaning on the ramp wall in the museum; most people fail to recognise it as an exhibit!

"Prosthetic Man"

“Prosthetic Man”