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Having spent most of yesterday indoors at the Rijksmuseum, we decided today would be occupied with wandering around and seeing what we found. We did some hop-on/hop-off buses and canal boats, and lots of walking. Here’s a selection of things we found …

"Fish" sculpture, Vondel Park

We stayed at a small hotel out of the city, and would walk through Vondel Park each day to central Amsterdam, passing this sculpture “Fish” by Pablo Picasso.

Grey Heron

This Grey Heron was very tame; it strolled along the edge of a bridge, until it reached the end where a man from a food van gave it some scraps. I suspect it does this regularly!

Grey Heron

Grey Heron close-up – he’s really intent on where he’s heading.

These tiny little one-person cars are limited to 45 kph; but you don't need a licence to drive them.

These tiny little one-person cars are limited to 45 kph; but you don’t need a licence to drive them.

Blue Boat?

Perhaps someone is colour-blind?

Gassan Diamonds

One of the cutters at Gassan Diamonds. We did an interesting tour here, where we got to see lots of large and expensive stones, many with Gassan’s patented 121 facet brilliant cut (the traditional brilliant has only 57 facets). Sadly, no free samples!

Rembrandt Corner

Rembrandt Corner. The house with the green door, Jodenbreestraat 4, was Rembrandt’s home and studio; it is now a museum, with entry from the modern annex next door.

Schutterij van Amsterdam

Members of a reenactment society assembled on the steps of Rembrandt’s House. “Schutterij van Amsterdam” is the Amsterdam City Guard; the other words on the banner translate to Servitude, Brotherhood, Loyalty.

Street artist

The small square opposite Rembrandt Corner is filled with street artists. None appear to be in the same league as the old master.

Narrow building

Amsterdam streetscape, showing some of the narrow – and extremely narrow – buildings. Reputedly, they widen out further back from the frontage, but we’re not really convinced.

Ann Frank House

Most of the people in this picture are waiting to get into the Anne Frank House. Not queueing for tickets – you need to book several months in advance – but queueing for admission. We didn’t go there; we’d seen it years ago, when we were here in 1978.

Chess game at Max Euweplein

Onlookers at a chess game in the Max Euweplein, opposite the Hard Rock Cafe.

Evening in Vondel Park

On a pleasant Friday evening, Vondel park was a very popular place to sit, relax, have a beer, or a picnic barbeque, or …